Excel Power XL4000ii 3.8KW Inverter Generator

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Excel Power XL4000ii 3.8KW Petrol Inverter Generator

  • Starting Watts – 3800W / Rated Watts – 3500W
  • Electric Start with remote key fob
  • True Sine Wave inverter technology
  • Covered by a 2 Year Warranty
  • 62 dBA at 7 metres


Experience the pinnacle of portable power with the Excel Power XL4000ii 3.8KW Inverter Generator. As an updated version of the XL4000i, this generator boasts enhanced features, including electric start, automatic choke, remote start and stop key fob, and an improved tough external case. Excel Power, a market-leading brand in independent energy solutions, continues to push the boundaries of innovation and technology in the industry. From inverter generators to home backup systems to industrial generators, Excel Power remains committed to powering today’s world. The outstanding features of the XL4000ii, highlighting its performance and convenience puts this inverter generator in a class of its own.

Enhanced Power Output

The Excel Power XL4000ii inverter generator delivers exceptional power with 3500W of continuous power and a maximum output of 3800W. Whether you’re camping off-grid, hosting outdoor events, or providing backup power during emergencies, this petrol generator ensures reliable performance to meet your energy needs.

Cutting-Edge Inverter Technology

Equipped with True Sine Wave Inverter Technology, the Excel Power XL4000ii leisure generator delivers clean and stable power, essential for sensitive electronic devices. From laptops to smartphones, rest assured that your gadgets are protected from power surges and fluctuations, ensuring uninterrupted operation in any situation.

Tough External Casing

The Excel Power XL4000ii petrol generator features an improved tough external case, ensuring durability and longevity in various environments. Whether you’re working on site or camping in rugged terrain or using as an emergency power source for your home this generator will provide reliable clean power wherever you go.

Convenient Electric Start and Remote Control

Say goodbye to manual starting with the Excel Power XL4000ii’s electric start feature, providing hassle-free operation at the touch of a button. Additionally, the included remote start and stop key fob allows for convenient control from a distance, enhancing user convenience and flexibility.

Comprehensive Dashboard and Multiple Power Outlets

The Excel Power XL4000ii inverter generator boasts a full dashboard with digital read-out for engine hours, voltage, and frequency, providing real-time monitoring and control. Additionally, it features two UK standard 3-pin sockets, a 12VDC ‘car style’ socket, and a 5VDC USB port, offering versatility to power a variety of devices and appliances.

Extended Run Time and Eco-Friendly Operation

With its generous 10-litre fuel tank and Eco Mode feature, the Excel Power XL4000ii petrol generator offers extended run times between fill-ups while minimising fuel consumption and reducing environmental impact. Whether you’re conserving fuel during extended use or reducing emissions during outdoor activities, the XL4000ii ensures responsible and eco-friendly operation without compromising performance.

Difference Between Excel Power Inverter Generator Models

Compared to other models in the Excel Power inverter generator range, the XL4000ii stands out for its enhanced features and convenience. While other models may offer similar power output and basic functionalities, the XL4000ii provides added convenience with its electric start, remote control capabilities, and improved tough external case. If your power needs are greater or simply just want some spare power capacity then the biggest Excel Power inverter generator is the XL8000ii 7.5kW, followed closely behind this is the XL6000i 6kW. If you need something a little lighter and less powerful, then the slightly smaller with less features XL3500i 3.2kW or XL2200i 2kW is an option. With the smallest of the range XL1400i 1.1kW will keep gadgets charged and the lights on.

Excel Power Dual-Fuel Inverter Range

If you need an alternative fuel such as LPG, the Excel Power XL4000ii is available in a dual-fuel version called the XL4000i-DF 3.8kW. Excel Power also have smaller dual-fuel inverter generators the XL3500i-DF 3.2kW and the larger XL6000i-DF 6kW with the largest and most powerful XL8000iDF 7.5kW.

Excel Power XL4000ii 3.8KW Inverter Generator: Power and Convenience Redefined

The Excel Power XL4000ii 3.8KW Inverter Generator sets a new standard for portable power solutions with its enhanced features and convenience. Whether you’re camping, working on-site, or preparing for emergencies, the XL4000ii offers reliable performance and unparalleled convenience. Backed by a 2-year warranty, Excel Power reaffirms its commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. Choose the XL4000ii and experience the ultimate in portable power solutions.

What’s In The Box?

Here is what you get; 1 x Excel Power XL4000ii generator, 1 x user manual plus tool kit. Also, the XL4000ii is covered by a 2-year warranty for peace of mind.


Petrol Generator


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DAS Ukas ISO 9001 DAS Ukas ISO 14001

Designed and Supported in the UK

All Excel Power Generators are Designed and Supported in the UK. Get in touch to find a dealer near you.

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