Excel Power XL4000i 3.8KW Petrol Inverter Generator

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Excel Power XL4000i 3.8KW Petrol Inverter Generator

  • Starting Watts – 3800W / Rated Watts – 3500W
  • True Sine Wave inverter technology
  • Lightweight suitcase style generator with wheels
  • Covered by a 2 Year Warranty
  • 62 dBA at 7 metres

Excel Power XL4000i 3.8KW Petrol Inverter Generator

From the inverter generator range the Excel Power XL4000i petrol generator is an ideal choice of generator. Using the robust and economic SV230 (223cc) over head valve engine, it produces 3800W / 3.8KW of power effortlessly. This suitcase generator has been designed for recreational use as well as light professional work. Its best at home when powering items such as small appliances, lights, and small to medium outdoor power tools. Plus, it can charge low voltage batteries and its compact size and low sound levels makes it a market leader.

Power Rating of the Excel Power XL4000i

  • 3.8KW STARTING WATTS (Short bursts of output for approx. 6 seconds ONLY in order to fire up motor driven equipment)
  • 3.5KW RUNNING WATTS (The all-important CONTINUOUS Rated power that your Generator will comfortably run at to provide power to your chosen equipment, also this is the most relevant value to compare against other models)

This petrol inverter generator is extremely compact and strong with a tough and durable casing, so can be stored with ease in various load spaces. With a generous fuel tank of 10 L, the Excel Power XL4000i petrol generator is perfect for your workshop or next outing in your caravan or motor home. Plus, its surprisingly light, just 52KG. With an easy-to-use configuration this portable petrol generator gives you a fantastic balance between performance and price.

Is the Excel Power XL4000i Easy to Start and Use?

You bet it is – the easy push button electric start is smooth and silky. On a well-maintained unit it starts first every time, every time. Having solid never run-flat wheels and a pull-a-long handle makes moving the XL4000i a total breeze.

There are two Uk 3-pin 13A sockets, 1 X 12V DC port and 1 USB port to connect your electrical equipment up to. Plus, there are parallel connectivity ports to connect to another XL4000i generator. Also, this unit has as an easy-to-read onboard digital display so you can see information such as, hours run, output voltage and frequency. This is important as you will need to know when your generator will need servicing after the scheduled hours run time has been reached. This will keep your generator maintained and running for thousands of hours use.

Using Sensitive Equipment with the Electrical Power from the Excel Power XL4000i

The power produced by the Excel Power XL4000i enables a smooth voltage output, true sinewave inverter technology. It keeps the 230v output clean and stable making it safe to use with electronic equipment like PC’s, laptops TV’s and more besides.

Low Noise Levels

You might think having a portable petrol generator will be very noisy. Well, think again; the Excel Power XL4000i is surprisingly quiet at just 62 dBA @ 7 metres.

Eco Mode on The Excel Power XL4000i

Fuel consumption can be minimised by the implementation of Eco Mode on the XL4000i. Simply select Eco Mode and the suitcase generator will lower its revs to increases fuel efficiency and extends the lifespan of the unit.

What Happens If I Do Not Use My Petrol Generator for Long Periods?

As with all petrol engines, if you are planning to store your generator for a long period its ‘best practice’ to either drain the fuel tank then run the generator until it stops. This will prevent any unused fuel congealing and clogging the carburettor. Or to stop the fuel from going off use a petrol additive. Remember, stale fuel can stop your generator from starting when you need it. The XL4000i can be used with E10 petrol.

What’s In the Box

Here is what you get; 1 x Excel Power XL4000i generator, 1 x user manuals plus tool kit. Also, the XL4000i is covered by a 2-year warranty for peace of mind.


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DAS Ukas ISO 9001 DAS Ukas ISO 14001

Designed and Supported in the UK

All Excel Power Generators are Designed and Supported in the UK. Get in touch to find a dealer near you.

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