Excel Power XL2200i 2KW Inverter Generator

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Excel Power XL2200i 2KW Petrol Inverter Generator

  • Max Watts – 2000W / Rated Watts – 1800W
  • True Sine Wave inverter technology
  • Lightweight suitcase style generator
  • Covered by a 2 Year Warranty
  • 60 dBA at 7 metres


Experience unparalleled performance with the Excel Power XL2200i 2KW Inverter Generator, the go-to standard size of petrol inverter generators in the leisure generator market. As a principal brand in independent energy solutions, Excel Power continues to revolutionise the industry with innovation and cutting-edge technology. From inverter generators to home backup systems and industrial generators, Excel Power remains at the forefront of powering today’s world. With exceptional features and that make the XL2200i a standout choice for portable power needs.

Efficient Power Delivery 1800W Continuous Power – 2000W Maximum Output

The Excel Power XL2200i 2kW offers efficient power delivery with 1800W continuous power and a maximum output of 2000W. Whether you’re camping, tailgating, or running essential appliances during power outages, this inverter generator provides reliable performance to meet your energy demands.

Cutting-Edge Technology True Sine Wave Inverter Technology

Equipped with True Sine Wave Inverter Technology, the Excel Power XL2200i petrol inverter generator ensures clean and stable power delivery, making it safe for sensitive electronic devices. From laptops to smartphones, rest assured that your gadgets are protected from power surges and fluctuations, ensuring uninterrupted operation.

Portable Design Lightweight Suitcase Style Generator – 21KG

Designed for portability, the Excel Power XL2200i suitcase generator features a lightweight suitcase-style design, weighing just 21 kilograms. Whether you’re on the move or limited on space, this generator is easy to transport and store, offering unparalleled convenience for outdoor adventures or emergency situations.

Eco-Friendly Operation Eco Mode for Greater Fuel Consumption

With its Eco Mode feature, the Excel Power XL2200i petrol generator optimises fuel consumption, minimising environmental impact and maximising efficiency. Whether you’re conserving fuel during outdoor activities or reducing emissions during prolonged use, the Eco Mode ensures responsible and eco-friendly operation.

Quiet Performance Low Noise Level 60dB(A) at 7m at 50% Load

Say goodbye to noisy generators with the Excel Power XL2200i’s quiet performance. Emitting just 60dB(A) of noise at a distance of 7 meters at 50% load, this inverter generator operates discreetly, allowing you to enjoy peace and tranquillity during your outdoor adventures or power outages.

Convenient Features UK Standard 3 Pin Socket and 4-Litre Fuel Tank

The Excel Power XL2200i inverter generator is equipped with a UK standard 3-pin socket, allowing you to easily connect your devices and appliances without the need for additional adapters, as well as a 12V output, Additionally the generator features a generous 4-litre fuel tank, providing long run times between fill-ups, ensuring uninterrupted operation when you need it most.

Difference Between Excel Power Inverter Generator Models

Compared to other models in the Excel Power inverter generator range, the Excel Power XL2200i stands out as the go-to standard size option. While smaller models may offer lower output capacities and larger models may provide higher outputs, the XL2200i strikes the perfect balance between power and portability. Additionally, the XL2200i’s Eco Mode feature sets it apart by optimising fuel consumption for greater efficiency and reduced environmental impact. Despite its compact size, the Excel Power XL2200i delivers reliable performance and quiet operation, making it an ideal choice for a wide range of applications.

Need Less or More Power? – Excel Power Has You Covered.

If 2kW is too much power for you then the XL1400i 1.1kW is your choice. For more power there is the XL3500i 3.2kW, XL4000ii 3.8kW, XL6000i 6kW even the biggest, grandest inverter generator available – the XL8000ii 7.5kW. There is also a range of dual-fuel inverter generators for when petrol is not allowed on site or you prefer using LPG – the XL3500i-DF 3.2kW, XL4000i-DF 3.8kW, XL6000i-DF 6kW and the XL8000i-DF 7.5kW.

 Excel Power XL2200i 2KW Inverter Generator: Power and Portability Redefined

The Excel Power XL2200i 2KW Inverter Generator combines power and portability to meet your on-the-go energy needs. With features like True Sine Wave Inverter Technology, lightweight construction, Eco Mode for fuel efficiency, quiet operation, and convenient UK standard 3-pin socket, the XL2200i offers unmatched convenience and reliability. Backed by a 2-year warranty, Excel Power reaffirms its commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. Whether you’re camping, hosting outdoor events, or preparing for emergencies, the XL2200i is your go-to solution for portable power

What’s In The Box?

Here is what you get; 1 x Excel Power XL2200i generator, 1 x user manuals plus tool kit. Also, the XL2200i is covered by a 2-year warranty for peace of mind.


Petrol Generator


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DAS Ukas ISO 9001 DAS Ukas ISO 14001

Designed and Supported in the UK

All Excel Power Generators are Designed and Supported in the UK. Get in touch to find a dealer near you.

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