Excel Power XL11000V 8KW Open Framed Petrol Generator

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Excel Power XL11000V 8KW Open Framed Petrol Generator

  • Starting Watts – 8500W / Rated Watts – 8000W
  • Electric and Recoil Start with low oil level protection
  • AVR Controlled and Copper Alternator Windings
  • 68 dBA at 7 metres
  • Covered by a 2 Year Warranty

Excel Power XL11000V 8KW Open Framed Petrol Generator

The XL11000V from Excel Power is an exceptional open-frame generator engineered to deliver reliable power for serious applications such as agriculture, worksites, and heavy-duty professional work. With a continuous power output of 8000W and a maximum output of 8500W, this generator ensures consistent performance even under demanding conditions.

Effortless Starting and Precision Control

Featuring both electric and recoil start options, the Excel Power XL11000V petrol generator offers effortless starting, providing convenience and reliability in any situation. Its Automatic Voltage Regulation (AVR) and copper alternator windings ensure stable power output, protecting your sensitive equipment and enabling precise control over your power supply.

Quiet Operation and Extended Runtime

Despite its robust power output, the Excel Power XL11000V open frame generator operates quietly with a noise level of just 68dB(A) at 7m at 50% load, minimising disruptions in your work environment. Its industry-leading top-mounted long-run 40-litre fuel tank provides an impressive runtime of up to 30 hours approximately, allowing for extended operation without the need for frequent refuelling.

Versatile Power Outlets and Monitoring Features

Equipped with one 230V 32A blue socket, one 230V 13A UK 3-pin plug socket, one 110V 32A yellow socket, and a 12V DC ‘car style’ socket, the Excel Power XL11000V petrol generator offers versatile power output options to accommodate various devices and equipment. Additionally, its digital read-out for engine hours, voltage, and frequency enables real-time monitoring and control, ensuring optimal performance at all times.

Durable Construction for Longevity

Built with a sturdy tubular frame, never-run-flat wheels, and foldable handles, the Excel Power XL11000V open frame generator is designed for durability and portability weighing 102KG. The robust frame provides protection to the engine and alternator, while the foldable handles and never-run-flat wheels facilitate easy transportation, making it suitable for use in diverse environments.

Comparison with Other Excel Power Generators

Compared to other models in the Excel Power petrol generator range, such as the XL2500V 2.2kW, XL5000V 4.2kW, XL8000V 7kW, and largest XL15000V 13kW, the XL11000V offers a high-power output and extended runtime, making it ideal for heavy-duty applications and longer operation durations. Additionally, the XL11000V stands out for its reliability and precision control, ensuring consistent performance in demanding work environments.

The Dual-Fuel Range from Excel Power

There is also a range of open frame dual-fuel generators for when petrol is not allowed on site, or you prefer using LPG – the XL4000DFV 3.5kW and the 7.8kW XL8000DFV.

Excel Power XL11000V 8KW Open Framed Petrol Generator: Powering Your Toughest Jobs

The Excel Power XL11000V 8KW Open Framed Petrol Generator is the ultimate solution for powering your toughest jobs with confidence and efficiency. With its unrivalled power, effortless starting, quiet operation, and extended runtime, the XL11000V delivers unmatched performance in a variety of applications. Backed by Excel Power’s reputation for excellence and a comprehensive 2-year warranty, the XL11000V provides the reliability and durability you need to tackle any challenge with ease.

What’s In The Box?

Here is what you get; 1 x Excel Power XL11000V generator, 1 x user manual plus tool kit. Also, the XL11000V is covered by a 2-year warranty for peace of mind.


Petrol Generator


Single Phase




230-240VAC, 110-115VAC

DAS Ukas ISO 9001 DAS Ukas ISO 14001

Designed and Supported in the UK

All Excel Power Generators are Designed and Supported in the UK. Get in touch to find a dealer near you.

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