Excel Power provides a comprehensive and quality diesel generator and uninterruptible power supply installation service and can assist from initial site survey to final sign-off.

UPS and Diesel Generator Site Survey

Service Free Site Survey Service – Excel can attend your site (or consultant’s office) and configure the very best options for diesel generator and UPS installation. Cost of ownership for a set period can also be calculated – this is important – the capital costs are significant but that cheap UPS may cost thousands more over the expected equipment life and an inefficient generator could burn more fuel and may pollute your local environment.

UPS Installation

Electrical Installation – Using only Excel approved electrical engineers. These are trained in Excel Generators or UPS systems or both. All electrical installations in the UK are undertaken by ISO9001 Company engineers registered to NIC EIC standards.

Data Centre Power Protection Computer Room Power Protection Specialists

Generator Exhaust Flue Installation

All generators produce exhaust fumes; they must be dealt with correctly and in accordance with relevant legislation. If a generator is installed within a plant room is common that the exhaust flue will either be fitted within a building riser or will penetrate an external wall and rise to roof level.

The flue size calculation is essential; the flow rate of the gas within the flue must not be too fast (noisy) or too slow (gases will not disperse correctly)

Silencers are fitted in this flue route to give the correct noise level at the termination point and this is all part of the flue calculation.

An enclosed, external generator may also need an exhaust flue extension if located close to a building and Excel can advise if this is necessary.

Civil / Building Works

Unlike a lot of competitors Excel undertake a complete UPS and diesel generator installation service. If your new generator requires a concrete plinth Excel can organise this or can liaise with your civil contractor to ensure it will be compatible with the new equipment.

Excel also install generator security fencing if required.

Diesel Generator and UPS Acoustic Noise Surveys and Advice

Noise Reduction Equipment Survey – With an acoustic engineering specialist Excel can undertake a full acoustic survey to establish a recommended noise level and cooling airflow path into and out of your plant room. This can be a significant part of a generator project; especially an internally mounted plant room installation.

Noise is an important factor in diesel generator installations and it can be difficult to balance the cooling requirements with noise reduction.

The final maximum noise level is often dictated by the local planning authority.

Fuel Supply / Diesel Tank Installation

Most Excel Generators have a built-in fuel tank (up to 600kVA) but some installations require more running time – additional bulk storage tanks and double skinned fuel lines to feed the generator can be installed.

Above ground tanks
Excel can supply rectangular or cylindrical aboveground tanks to suit your site up to a capacity of 120,000 litres.

Underground tanks
Excel can supply and install cylindrical belowground diesel tanks to suit your site up to a capacity of 200,000 litres.

These storage tanks can be supplied with a local or remote fill point cabinet and monitoring equipment.

Diesel and oil used in generators is potentially dangerous to the environment and can cause local damage. Excel take this very seriously and ensure that all diesel storage tanks are 110% ‘bunded’ or double skinned to contain any leaks. These all comply with DEFRA, EEC regulations and Environment Agency Control of Pollution Act 2001.

Interconnecting pipework can be double skinned and Excel have recently introduced UPP polyurethane pipework that is tough and durable. This can be surface mounted or buried.

All tanks and pipework installations can be fitted with leak detection switches to give the owner or Excel Power a remote alarm before the second skin is breached.

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